How we work…

We feel we know what you are looking for in a trade services provider.
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Entire Projects can save you time, reduce your costs and maximise your budgets giving you complete peace of mind the project is sorted!

Our process is…

We adopt a professional and consultative approach to each project where we will understand your requirements so that we can provide a commercial offer which is the ideal solution to your needs.


1st iconstage is the consultation meeting where one of the team will meet with you to discuss your requirements, answer any questions and understand the scope of the project.



2nd iconstage is the commercial offer, where we will meet with you again to present the project plans and commercial offer, allowing you to ask any questions and to ensure we have planned the ideal solution.



3rd iconstage is the delivery, where you can relax and let us manage the project from start to completion. Every project has a project manager who is responsible for the timely delivery of the agreed plans. This means that you will have at least 2 contacts…the Project Manager and the Senior Manager or Director.


4th iconstage is ‘sign off’ where we meet you again to ensure that you are 100% happy with the complete delivery of the project.



5th iconstage is developing a continued partnership . . . where can we help you next?